489 Skilled Regional Sponsored Temporary Visa

This is a 4 year temporary visa in Australia for skilled workers who are nominated by a State or Territory or sponsored by an eligible relative living in a designated area in Australia.

Applicants need to pass the points test and receive 10 bonus points for having a sponsor.  Holders of this visa are permitted to apply for a permanent visa after they have lived for 2 years and worked for at least 1 year in a Specified Regional Area.


489 Skilled Regional Sponsored Temporary Visa is a temporary work visa for individuals who have the qualifications and skills required to address Australia's skill shortage, but cannot meet the pass mark required to obtain a Skilled Independent or Skilled Sponsored visas. 


Applicants are required to obtain a minimum of 60 points on a point assessment and must either obtain sponsorship from an eligible relative living in a Specified Regional Area of Australia or nomination from a participating State or Territory government.

To be sponsored by a relative, an applicant's Australian relative must live in a Specified Regional Area of Australia* and the applicant (or their spouse) must be related to their sponsor as either:

  • a child – including a stepchild, or
  • a parent – including a step-parent, or
  • a brother or sister – including adoptive or step-sibling, or
  • a niece or nephew – including adoptive or step-niece or nephew, or
  • an aunt or uncle – including adoptive or step-aunt or uncle, or
  • a grandparent or first cousin.

*The definition of Specified Regional Area of Australia depends on whether the applicant is sponsored by a relative or nominated by a State or Territory government. As a general indication, the following areas are considered regional:

  • New South Wales - everywhere except Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast and Wollongong;

  • Northern Territory - everywhere;

  • Queensland - everywhere except the greater Brisbane area and the Gold Coast;

  • South Australia - everywhere;

  • Tasmania - everywhere;

  • Victoria - everywhere except the Melbourne metropolitan area; and

  • Western Australia - everywhere.
    To be nominated by a State or Territory government, applicants must satisfy specific criteria, as set by the particular State or Territory. These may include:

  • Having an occupation on the skills shortage list in that State or Territory; or
  • Demonstrating specialised skills in an area of need. 

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